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A Guide to Vector NLS Bioresonance

Atoms vibrate and send out distinct frequencies which are mostly different and specific for the different organs, tissues and living things. Nerves and other molecular aids relay messages or instructions from the brain to other organs and tissues through the spinal cord or central nervous system. Technology has really improved how services are offered and the healthcare industry has also benefitted through several advanced devices and systems. The health conditions of people can be detected and interpreted using biofeedback systems which make use of the brain and nervous system. Ordinary systems may be unable to read and interpret the signals although the biofeedback systems can do so effectively by amplifying the signals.

It becomes possible for doctors to view the health information of people as the systems display this data onto computers. The systems consist of a computer and specially coded programs or software which detects the bioactivity of brain neurons and decodes it. When tissues are scanned it is possible to identify presence of infections by counter checking with the already know frequency of healthy cells and tissues. Patients are required to describe their issues to a health officer to find the source of pain in order to be given appropriate treatment. The source of pain or problem can be found easily using the biofeedback systems making them better than having to describe issues.

By identifying the source of an issue precisely and quickly the systems allow for quicker and effective treatments for patients. The systems can also be used for biofeedback therapy adding to the many applications. Biofeedback therapy involves detection of frequencies produced by the brain neurons and tracing changes then reversing the frequencies. The biofeedback therapy involves using the information to identify issues then resending frequencies designed to restore normal health conditions. Human beings and other living organisms are surrounded by chakras or an electromagnetic field of electrically charged objects that have varying colors.

When the chakras is carefully studied it could give helpful information about the emotional and overall health conditions of a person. While Bioresonance biofeedback therapy treats and relieves patients of pain, it also benefits the body and does not cause unwanted effects. Patients wear certain bio resonance headphones used to apply the appropriate frequencies needed to resolve the health complications. The biofeedback systems have databases designed for them where frequencies of healthy cells, pathogens and microorganisms are kept. When an issue is known accurately, specific frequency is applied to the tissues to help in repair and recovery for better health. In case a microorganism or pathogen is detected, destructive frequencies are applied to eliminate and kill these pathogens and microorganisms.

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