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Effects And Causes Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We are living in the times when stress has become predominant among people. Thus, many people are left to battle with the after of stress which is PTSD. PTSD is not only for those people that have been involved in wars. It can be triggered by being exposed to situations that threaten one. Those people that are battling PTSD go through a rough time because a slight provocation causes the problem. The brain may experience various issues when one is suffering from PTSD; some of them could be isolation, re-experiencing the traumatic experience in the brain and being irritable for no apparent reason.

People that are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder experience various issues. Amomg them could be hyperarousal; one is hyperarousal gets irritable out of simple issues. They also experience extreme anger, and they stay alert all the time. The other thing that can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder is avoidance. Avoidance is a psychological disorder whereby the patient prevents anything that caused the problem. Some go to the extent of becoming alcoholic to avoid the reality or work holic to avoid thinking of the problem. Having things that remind one of the tragic experience is among the experiences that one goes through. This can occur if a smell or an incidence reminds them of what happened on a fateful day. The fourth thing that can make people to have these experience is guilt. If something traumatic happens people might be tempted to think that they are the cause of what happened and there is something that they could have done to prevent the problem. The person feels angry to themselves because they think they caused the issue. Another thing that is caused by PTSD is being suspicious of everybody. The patient stays all by themselves and is unable to trust any other person.

There are various things that can cause PTSD. A fatal traumatic experience like getting involved in a car accident can cause these issue. People that have experienced a car accident before have to go through the overwhelming fear of vehicles. Rape is also a traumatic experience that makes the victim to develop PTSD. The victims are phobic of being in any intimate relationships. People that have been through some of these traumatic experiences may experience a lot of fear thinking that the experience will happen again. Being kidnapped is also an experience that can make people to suffer from PTSD experience. Divorce is also a traumatic experience that can make people to experience that has been the cause of most traumatic experiences. There are people that after divorce they choose to live a single life because they do not want to be in any other relationship. If at all you suspect that you could be dealing with this mental health there is a need to seek the services of a psychologist.

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