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3 Elements That Exhibition Designers Use When Creating Beautiful Displays

Corporate marketing campaigns often include trade show exhibitions. Setting up booths at industry shows allows businesses to introduce their products and services to the public and update current customers on new trends. Although exhibitors can rent presentation materials, many now hire experts to design custom displays. Exhibition professionals use a variety of elements when creating beautiful displays. Interactive features, enthralling content and high-tech lighting are some of the most important.

Experts Create Immersive Designs

The most popular exhibits at trade shows often make visitors feel they are entering a fascinating environment. Known as immersive design, this feature is incredibly effective because it engages visitors’ emotions and imagination. Unlike a monitor demonstrating features and benefits, immersive exhibits let the public participate. For instance, a food supplier might create a restaurant atmosphere that serves real snacks and includes waitstaff. Staff members carry pads that let them gather information that can be used as leads.

Interactive Content Engages the Public

Exhibition designers harness modern technology to create unique and engaging presentations. For instance, mixed reality experiences let clients use products. Some companies include augmented reality that projects the illusion of an experience on booth walls and includes headphones. Clients might replace all or part of staff with artificial intelligence. Visitors can use touchscreens to view product demonstrations or access virtual sales assistants. Many companies now include charging stations that entice the public to visit booths.

Craftsmen Light Up Designs

Successful custom trade show exhibits include unique lighting that services a dual purpose. Carefully chosen lights can attract visitors from across a room and dazzle them when they get close. Exhibition specialists might use projection mapping to create 3D logo displays with LED lighting. These displays can be projected onto a variety of materials and showcase products. Some exhibits provide entertaining effects using the same kinetic lighting used in concerts.

Trade show exhibits companies set up to attract public interest are often custom displays that include a range of eye-catching features. Many provide immersive experiences designed to engage the public’s imagination. Display creators also use a range of interactive elements and lighting to create dazzling exhibits.